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Marketing Agency Creative Portfolio


Rely on the experts at 3Eighty Marketing for all of your outsourced marketing needs. Get results that matter with a winning combination that is 100% customized for your unique small business.


  • Mobile apps

  • Real estate

  • Retail

  • Senior living communities

  • Sporting goods

  • Talent agencies

  • Non-profits

Mobile Technology Manufacturing

Goals of Client: 


  • Optimize their website for better search engine rankings

  • Increase e-commerce sales

  • Increase leads generated for sales teams


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Website SEO review and recommendations

  • Google Ads creation, management, and reporting

Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer

Goals of Client:


  • Lead generation

  • Google Advertising

  • Facebook Ads

  • Remarketing


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Google Search ads creation and management

  • Google Display ads creation and management

  • Facebook ads creation and management

Brewery Marketing

Goals of Client: 


  • Everything marketing: Google Ads, graphic design, event promotion, social media, marketing strategy


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • On-going creation, implementation, and management of all the above

Senior Living Facility

Goals of Client:


  • SEO audit for all of their senior living community clients

  • On-going SEO recommendations to continue driving relevant traffic


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Complete on-page and technical SEO audit

  • Provide SEO improvement recommendations

  • Establish content calendars 


Goals of Client:


  • Modernize website

  • Digitize new patient forms


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Created completely new and responsive website.

  • Created digital versions of all new patient forms and made sure to be HIPAA Compliant.

Information Technology Website Design

Goals of Client: 


  • Design, develop, and deploy new website that is simple, clean, responsive, and mobile-friendly.

  • White hat SEO

Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Full website design including optimizing for industry-specific keywords and phrases

  • Connect to Google Analytics and Google Search Console; provide short training to client

Beverage Industry Flyer Graphic Design

Goals of Client: 


  • Create flyers to promote new services

  • Build contact list for lead generation


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Flyer graphic design to match existing brand

  • Create contact list within specific geo for sales rep to build relationships

Agriculture Mobile App

Goals of Client: 


  • Increase awareness of app among potential users

  • Increase number of paying users of the app

  • Brainstorm ideas on how to grow the brand


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Facebook ads creation, management, and reporting

  • Weekly team status meetings

  • Google Ads management - Search and App campaigns


Goals of Client: 


  • New mobile-friendly website with real estate listing functionality

  • Various marketing materials


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Website creation with local SEO for client's target area

  • Digital marketing ads design

  • Print ad design

  • Business card design

  • Real estate flyer designs

Mobile App Marketing

Goals of Client:


  • Increase downloads of new mobile app


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Successful launch and management of Google Ads app campaigns

Brand Build and Website Design, SEO

Goals of Client: 


  • Full brand creation

  • Creative responsive website for their new company

  • Build on platform that is easy for them to manage moving forward


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Logo creation and brand guidelines

  • Keyword/phrase research for SEO of new website

  • Created Wix website and turned over to client

Healthcare Industry Graphic Design

Goals of Client: 


  • Attract patients and prospects to anniversary open house

  • Marketing flyer for clinic 


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Creation of information flyer and direct mail postcard

Golf Industry Marketing Agency

Goals of Client: 


  • Website SEO enhancements

  • Website UX improvements

  • Brand awareness 


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • SEO review and implementation

  • Graphic design for business cards and series of postcard promotions

  • Homepage enhancements to improve user experience

  • Creation of blog and blog content

  • Google Ads content creation and management

Outdoors Business Digital Marketing & Social Media

Goals of Client: 


  • Gain interest on social media


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Create, implement, and manage Facebook and Instagram advertising

Small Business Marketing Agency

Goals of Client: 


  • Generate demand and sales for their online classes and programs


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Create, manage, and report on Google Ads and Facebook advertising

Construction Industry Website Design

Oja Construction

Goals of Client: 


  • Create logo to represent residential and commercial services

  • Build website to showcase their work, services, and review 


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Logo design

  • New website build

  • Setting up of Google marketing tools

Career Services Digital Marketing Contractor

Goals of Client: 


  • Generate new leads and online purchases of resume and cover letter packages


Completed by 3Eighty:


  • Create, implement, and manage Google Ads targeting business executives and upper management

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