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5 Tips for Manufacturers to Effectively Utilize Social Media

5 basic tips industrial and manufacturing companies can use for getting started in social media marketing.

Nowadays, social media is an important digital tool for any business no matter what industry you're in. In previous decades, you'd find most B2C businesses on social media while "less sexy" B2B companies were reluctant to use social media. These days, more businesses are using social media than ever before.

Social media platforms are one of the best online marketing tactics available today. But it goes beyond that. Social media is a relatively inexpensive marketing tactic as well. You don't need a budget to start using social media. Getting started with social media is possible as long as you have internet access and set up business social media profiles. It's that simple.

Social Media Marketing for Manufacturing and Industrial
Behind-the-Scenes of Manufacturing Business

But when it comes to manufacturers and industrial businesses using social media, there are still challenges such as building trust, finding the appropriate platforms, targeting the correct audience, and measuring ROI. Despite these challenges, there are plenty of ways that manufacturers and industrial businesses can use social media to increase their reach and boost their marketing efforts.

  1. Build Trust - Many industrial or manufacturing companies aren't known for being "cool" or trendy brands. So, building trust with your audience is important. One way to accomplish this is by posting regular content that's relevant and interesting. For example, an agriculture equipment manufacturer could do a series of posts on how their equipment is helping put food on the table in an environmentally-friendly way.

  2. Find Appropriate Platforms - While Facebook and Twitter are common platforms, some manufacturers use industry-specific platforms, such as LinkedIn for B2B sales and Pinterest for industrial products. Choosing the right platform can make a big difference when it comes to attracting the right customers and generating leads.

  3. Provide Content for Existing Customers - Good customer service is key to maintaining a loyal customer base and building trust. Providing content to existing or potential customers can go a long way towards strengthening the relationship between your company and your customers. This could include how-to videos, product demos, and more. Not only will existing customers appreciate the content, but potential customers will see how much effort you put into supporting current customers.

  4. Share Visual Stories - Create behind-the-scenes videos at your manufacturing facility, collaborate with customers to showcase their success with your products, have a competition that encourages customers to share their own product photos. The number of stories that can be shared is endless. Photos and videos resonate much more than a text-based article.

  5. Integrate with Other Marketing Platforms - Don't just post on social media and call it a day. Integrate your social media with your website, blog, email newsletters, email signatures, trade show efforts, and more. Each of these marketing tools offers a new way to fuel your social media marketing efforts, maximizing the value of the tools themselves.

So what are you waiting for? If your manufacturing/industrial business doesn't have a social media strategy, it's time you get started.

If you're struggling to get started, 3Eighty Marketing can help! 3Eighty Marketing offers social media services, including social media strategy and development, social media management, and social media advertising. Let's set up a call to talk about how we can help your business grow it's social presence.


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