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Bookmark These Free Google Tools ASAP

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Easy SEO Opportunities for Small Business

Let us start this post off with some mind-blowing facts about search engines, specifically the emperor of them all, Google:

  • Google reigns supreme when it comes to search engines, garnering roughly 90% of the worldwide search engine market share.

  • That 90% equates to an estimated 2 trillion searches per year.

  • In 2013, all Google services were down for 5 minutes. Global internet traffic dropped by 40% during that time.

  • Google was originally named “BackRub”. (Irrelevant here but a fun fact nonetheless!)

Moral of the story: Everyone uses search engines. Today, more so than ever, optimizing your website for better search engine rankings can make or break a business. It’s the truth.

What’s my point, you’re asking? As a business, you need to be proactively utilizing Google’s free tools to help you gain a better understanding of your target audience, your industry, and even your own business. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know the most visited page on their website, or what keywords/phrases they’re optimizing that page for.

These are the free Google tools that we highly recommend implementing and utilizing on a regular basis to help you grow your business:

  • Google Analytics: Quantifies the effectiveness of your website and digital marketing activities. Used to track website activity such as session duration, referral source, pages per session, conversion revenue, and so much more.

  • Google Search Console: Like we said above, Google is the crème de la crème of search engines. Google Search Console helps your monitor, manage, and troubleshoot your site as it relates to search results. Better search rankings equals more traffic to your website.

  • Google My Business: This is basically your business profile on Google. Manage your Google Maps location, upload photos, update your business hours, respond to customer reviews, post an update on a promo you’re running, and so on.

While there are plenty of other tools available, these 3 free Google services are a necessity to helping you grow your business efficiently.


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