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Benefits of Digital Marketing for Local Craft Breweries

SEO, Content Creation, Social Media, Google Ads, and More: Why Your Brewery Needs Digital Marketing

The craft beer industry is booming as consumers gravitate to the unique taste and experience of hand-crafted beers while breweries find new and creative ways to make their products stand out in a crowded market. In order to grow a successful brewery, owners and managers must take advantage of opportunities to present their business online and communicate their value to consumers. Today’s brewery customers want to do research before committing to a new brand or product, which has created opportunities for businesses that succeed at digital marketing tactics such as social media and paid advertising.

Local Craft Brewery Marketing Strategy
Local Craft Brewery in Chicago, Illinois

Content marketing is often the most important element of a comprehensive digital strategy that will improve a brewery’s website search ranking and drive more leads to their brick-and-mortar locations. 3Eighty Marketing suggests four basic steps when writing content for a local brewery website:

  1. Create relevant content for SEO by covering relevant topics and including relevant keywords and phrases

  2. Write with the reader in mind so your content is engaging and easily digestible

  3. Include images to enhance the text and make information more visually appealing

  4. Provide links to external resources when applicable.

Using these strategies helps optimize a website for search engines like Google and makes a business seem much more credible to prospective customers. With Google Ads, breweries can highlight key sales, events, and seasonal brews to drive more foot traffic to their establishments. Google Ads is scalable, meaning you can build up and cut back as needed, real-time. This is a huge reason why it's a powerful digital marketing tool for your brewery. Small business owners can start with a very targeted search campaign and expand over time to include more services or products, and add more campaigns as needed. By being active on social media, breweries can show potential customers what they’re all about and engage with people who share similar interests. Effective social media marketing begins with a compelling Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Instagram account that encourages interaction from users. Social media allows breweries to connect with fans and potential new customers while presenting their unique personalities to the public. For example, a microbrewery may offer promotions such as exclusive deals, or smaller craft breweries may even use a page as a type of social media customer service where they respond to customer inquiries quickly. Finally, platforms such as Instagram make sharing photos and giving sneak peeks into the production process easy for small businesses that want to build a larger following. Creating a positive digital marketing experience is vital to the success of breweries in the modern marketplace. This can be difficult without the aid of a digital marketing strategy, but with the right combination of inbound marketing techniques, any business can be successful in the digital world.


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