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Why SEO Is Important for Small Business

For some small businesses, SEO may come easy to them depending on the level of experience of their marketing team. For other businesses, SEO may not even be part of their overarching marketing strategy. But that needs to change. So let's take a step back and address the importance of search engine optimization for small businesses looking to capture a larger percentage of revenue in their industry.

SEO for Small Business

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the marketing tactic of increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website, as well as exposure to your small business brand, through non-paid (also known as organic) search engine results.

SEO is often about making small modifications to your website, both on-page and on the backend of the site. When viewed individually, these website changes might seem like incremental improvements at the surface, but when combined with other site optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site's user experience and performance in the organic search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

Why is SEO important?

When you build a new website or edit an existing one, any site optimizations should be geared toward making the user experience better. One of those users is a search engine, which helps other users discover your content, products, and services. SEO is about helping search engines understand and present the appropriate and relevant content.

SEO is important because it helps keep search engine results fair. It reduces the ability for a business to manipulate these results as much as possible, so that the websites appearing for each individual search are there because they deserve to be there. Hard work, strong content, and a website that appeals to visitors correlate with higher search engine rankings, so if your site meets these criteria, you’ll have a better chance at showing up higher in the results pages.

When you optimize your small business website, you give search engines the best information possible to allow them to index and display your products or services over the competition. The importance of SEO can never be underestimated when creating or editing content; you must optimize it correctly.

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